Best black sapote variety

Black sapote has different varieties; however your choice may be limited to whatever is actually stocked at your local garden center. Make sure you examine the growth habits and the mature size of the type you are choosing; the ones that are actually suited for container growing may not be the best for fruit production. The following are the best black sapote variety;

  1. Merida/Reineke Black Sapote: This particular variety produces very sweet fruit, about 2 ½ to four inches in diameter from mid-November to January. Merida/Reineke is actually a very popular variety and it may be the only one stocked at most garden centers. 
  2. Mossman Black Sapote: The Mossman Black Sapote has large fruit with few seeds.
  3. Bernicker Black Sapote: This particular variety is a prolific producer and the fruits have few seeds.
  4. Cocktail Black Sapote: The Cocktail Black Sapote is known for having fruit with excellent flavor.
  5. Maher Black Sapote: The Maher Black Sapote has large fruit of good quality.
  6. Superb Black Sapote: The Superb Black Sapote has small fruits that are nearly seedless.

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