Growing borage in pots

Actually this plant known as Borage (Borago officinalis) is grown for its pretty flowers. Borage plant flowers are edible and they are used in cake dressings and salads, actually bees also love to forage on them. Borage leaves can also be used as salad greens. Borage plant roots have the ability to draw trace elements deep from the soil, making its leaves ideal for mulching purposes. Borage plant is an annual and readily reseeds once you have planted them in the garden.  

Growing borage in the garden

  1. You can buy Yates Borage seeds from your local nursery or Mitre10.
  2. Make sure you choose a sunny spot. You can sow directly.
  3. If you are sowing in large areas keep spacing between the plants about 30 cm and also between rows about 20 cm.
  4. Under normal conditions the seeds will sprout within five to ten days.
  5. You have to continue watering until they are established.
  6. Feeding the plant with Liquid Plant Food will encourage good foliage and flower production.
  7. You can harvest after twelve weeks when the flowers open.

Growing borage in pots

  1. You can choose 300 mm deep pots of any shape. Make sure you fill the pot with quality potting mix .
  2. Then sow the Borage seeds and cover them with a light layer of the potting mix.
  3. Make sure you position the pots in full sun.
  4. Water the plant very well. Make sure the potting mix is moist till the Borage plants are established.
  5. You can feed the plant every three weeks with Natural Liquid Plant Food.
  6. You can harvest after twelve weeks when the flowers open.

Harvesting Borage

  1. Continuous harvesting of Borage at regular intervals encourages new growth.
  2. Borage tender leaves can also be harvested for salads.

Borage Growing Tips

  1. This plant does tolerate some shade, which means if you do not have a sunny spot you can still grow them and they will do well.
  2. The plant initial growth can be damaged by snails and slugs. Make sure you protect them with Yates Blitzem Slug and Snail Baits.
  3. Make sure you avoid using systemic chemicals because bees and other beneficial insects love to forage on the plant flowers.
  4. Borage plant is an annual plant that tolerates some frost, however they will eventually sprout in spring.

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