How to grow bananas from seeds

To actually grow banana tree from seed is very easy. In general, wild banana seeds germinate only under specific circumstances. What you just have to do is to provide the ideal conditions and be patient. The following are the steps on how to grow bananas tree from seed;

Start by soaking the banana seed for about 24-48 hours: This aspect is very important because wild banana seeds can only germinate when water reaches the internal embryo. The seeds actually have a durable outer shell, though it is leaky. Soaking the banana seeds helps to allow water to permeate the shell slowly and also the internal sexual organs of the banana seed will absorb water for it to begin the germination process.

Plant each of the banana seed in a permeable soil (about 1-Inch deep): Make sure you use a permeable soil to allow drainage. If not, the banana seed will be easily prone to rot. We advise trying potting soil in other to get the best results.

Ensure you maintain soil temperature at 60-68°F: In the wild a non-dormant banana plant seeds can actually lie for a number of years, waiting for the ideal soil temperatures as a sign that it is time for the seed germination. It is not yet understood how banana seeds actually sense temperature, but the fluctuation in the soil temperature is compulsory for successful germination. You can use a heating mat or a heat lamp to increase the temperature of the soil for some hours daily. Allow the soil to cool no less than 60° Fahrenheit.  

Make sure you keep the soil moist: You have to keep the soil moist in other to promote germination. If you are planting the banana seed in a seed tray or pot, you have to cover it with plastic in other to maintain a humid environment.

Be very patient: It takes between three weeks and six months for banana seeds to actually germinate. You have to be patient and closely monitor the soil’s moisture level and the temperature while you wait for the banana seeds to germinate.

Even if you provide the optimal conditions for the banana seed germination, the banana seed might be dormant. A study has shown that only about 68-75% of freshly harvested, wild banana seeds germinated when given the right conditions.

Size of Banana Tree

Actually banana trees are not trees. They are actually perennial herbaceous flowering plants. Banana trees are more closely related to ginger plants and bird-of-paradise flowers than trees. The rhizome of a banana tree plant can produce a robust pseudo stem made from dense, overlapping leaves that can reach height of about ten feet and twenty-five feet tall depending on the particular variety.

Banana plant trees have a broad fanning leaves that can grow up to about nine feet long and two feet wide depending on the variety. Banana plant leaves are delicate and they are prone to wind damage, so the banana trees need to be planted in a somewhat sheltered location.

The fruits of bananas tree grow like berries, they protrude from the center of the plant’s heart-shaped flower. The individual fruits of banana are called fingers. A mature banana finger weighs about four ounces.

Banana plant fruits grow in tiers of about ten to twenty fingers, forming a massive cluster called hands. A hand of bananas might contain between three and twenty tiers depending on the variety of the banana plant. If they are harvested, each hand of the bananas can weigh about 100-pounds.

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