How to Grow Mangosteen From Seed

The botanical name of Mangosteen is Garcinia mangostana. Mangosteen is actually an extremely slow-growing, ultra-tropical, fruit-bearing tree. Mangosteen is native to Southeast Asia. Growing mangosteen from seed can actually be accomplished with varied success, as the environmental conditions must be consistently maintained for the twelve to twenty years it takes to bring a mangosteen seed up to a mature, fruit-bearing tree. Mangosteen plants don’t tolerate re-planting very well, so you need to plant the seed in soil in the ground or in a container space large and sturdy enough that it need not be transplanted for 3 to 5 years. The following are the steps on how to grow Mangosteen from seed;

Step one: Select a plump fully developed Mangosteen seeds from the ripe fruit for planting. The Mangosteen seeds should be removed from the fruit few days before planting. The Mangosteen seeds that are purchased are usually shipped in damp peat moss or sphagnum moss in airtight containers or bags. Make sure you soak the seeds in clean water for about twenty-four hours before planting in other to speed up germination. 

Step two: Make sure you plant the fresh Mangosteen seed at least eight inches deep in rich, organic, sandy loam-amended soil with organic compost. The soil should be at least four feet deep. Sprouting typically takes twenty to twenty-two days and is complete in forty-three days. The young saplings take a minimum of about 2 years to grow to twelve inches in height. After the sapling reaches a minimum of about two feet, you can easily transplant it, if it is absolutely necessary.

Step three: Regulate the temperature closely by providing temperatures above fifty degrees Fahrenheit and below hundred degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Make sure you shelter the mangosteen seedling and sapling from any gusts or winds.

Step four: Try and provide filtered sunlight or partial shade exposure for up to thirteen hours per day.

Step five: Make sure you water the mangosteen consistently by keeping the soil moist at all times. Also provide environmental humidity for the mangosteen seed, sapling and mature trees at the equivalent to an annual rainfall of at least fifty- five inches. Make sure you use only fresh water and don’t allow the mangosteen to be exposed to salt water or saline heavy tap water, such as softened water.

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