How to grow mint from seeds

One of the most popular herbs is Mint. Mints have different types; which are apple mint, spearmint, pennyroyal, pineapple mint, peppermint, lemon mint and ginger mint. Most cooks actually prefer spearmint for most savory dishes. Spearmint is actually less overpowering than other mints like peppermint that is very strong flavored with a strong menthol aroma. The leaves of Mint are used in cold drinks, teas, salads, and vegetables.

How to plant mint seeds

The depth to plant mint seed: Sprinkle the seed on top of the loose soil.

The spacing between the plants: It should be 12-18″ apart.

The Mint seeds days to germinate (Sprout): This should be around ten to fifteen days.

The soil germination temperature: This is between 68° F and 75° F

The best season to plant Mint seed: Spring

The sun requirement for planting: The plant prefers full sun to deep shade.

Soil requirements: A soil pH that is between 5.6-7.5

Companion plants:  Cauliflower, radish, Cabbage, kale, onion and tomato.

Harvesting Mint: You can harvest Mint by Pinching off the ends as needed.

How to Grow Mint

This herb is actually one of the easiest herbs to grow out of all herbs. Mint plant is really great for beginning gardeners and it grows best in zones four to nine. Mint leaves can be use to add flavoring to a wide array of beverages and food. This herb plant also serves as a natural pest deterrent around other vegetables. The leaves of Mint can freshen your breath when chewed and can also calm an upset stomach.

When to Plant Mint Seed

This plant is a hardy perennial plant that can really be started anytime as long as you are about two months before your first fall frost.  Mint plant also grows well indoors year-round.  You can easily start them inside in late winter, for your spring planting, or you can wait until the soil warms up and then sow the Mint seeds directly outside in your garden.

How to Plant Mint Seed

If you are sowing the Mint seeds do not cover them. Mint seeds need light to germinate properly and they will sprout within ten to fifteen days if the soil stays around sixty-eight to seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.  The Mint plants are ready to be transplant into the garden when they have their 2nd set of “real” leaves.   If you are sowing the Mint seed directly out into the garden, make sure you consider placing a row cover over the Mint seed until they sprout. 

When to Harvest Mint

You can easily pick the Mint leaves as you need them or you can harvest a large quantity from each plant up to 3 times in one growing season.  Cut the Mint plant stems one to two inches from the ground.   If you actually want to dry the Mint leaves, it is best to harvest the Mint leaves before the plant goes to seed.

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