How to grow rosemary from seed

Rosemary plant can be easily grown from seed. This herb is really a wonderful herb that is popular as both a garden herb and a culinary favorite. It’s really unfortunately for those who live in the cooler zones (zone six and lower), the herb is not winter hardy so it has to be treated as an annual or you have to bring the Rosemary inside for the winter and try to keep it alive – which is not actually easy.

Furthermore, for those who have problems keeping rosemary plant alive from 1 year to the next, and those who like to have lots of rosemary in their own garden, growing the rosemary plant from seed each year is a practical option. Click here to buy Rosemary seeds

The rosemary seed takes a while to germinate so you need to start it about 3 months before the warm weather arrives. Place the rosemary seed onto a well drained base such as sand, vermiculite or very light potting mix. You need to cover the rosemary seed with a little more mix, and then water lightly and place the container in a warm location or onto a heat mat. You have to cover the container with plastic wrap until you see the rosemary seeds starting to emerge. Immediately you see the tiny rosemary plants starting to grow, it is very vital to give them a good light source and a warm environment. Don’t expect germination of all the rosemary seeds as rosemary has a much lower germination rate than some other popular herbs like basil. Click here to buy Rosemary seeds

You have to allow the rosemary plant to grow inside or in a sheltered area outside, until they are about three inches high and sturdy enough to handle. If the weather is actually warm outside, the rosemary seedlings can be put into the garden where they will continue to grow. Alternately you can pot the seedlings into larger pots so that you do not have to disturb the plant if you want to bring them indoors for next winter. You can use pots with several small rosemary plants to make the rosemary topiaries. The small rosemary plants can easily be trained onto a hoop or other shape.

In warmer areas, zone seven and above, your rosemary plants will be large enough to survive outside and they will give you some pretty blue flowers early next year. Rosemary plants that are brought indoors will also flower in late winter to give you some winter interest when you really need it. Click here to buy Rosemary seeds

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