How to Grow Sweet woodruff Plants

The sweet woodruff is an often forgotten herb, this wonderful herb can be valuable addition to the garden particularly shade gardens. The scientifically name of sweet woodruff is Galium odoratum. Actually the sweet woodruff plants was originally grown for the fresh smell the leaves give off and also is used as a type of air freshener. The sweet woodruff plant also has some medicinal uses, though, as always, you should check with a doctor before using any medical herb. The sweet woodruff plant is also an edible plant that tastes somewhat like vanilla. Today the sweet woodruff plants are most commonly used as a ground cover in shady areas. The sweet woodruff ground cover comes with its star-shaped whorls of leaves and lacy white flowers, adding interesting texture and spark to a deeply shaded part of the garden. The sweet woodruff plant care is very easy and taking the time to plant them is well worth the effort.

 Growing Sweet Woodruff Plants

The sweet woodruff plants should be planted in a shady area. The plant actually like moist, but well draining soil that is really rich in organic material from things like decomposing leaves and branches is very okay. However they will also grow in dry soils. The plant grows in USDA Zones four through eight.

Furthermore, the sweet woodruff plants spreads by runners. In moist soil the plant can spread very quickly and can also become invasive in the right conditions. It is often suggested that you plant the sweet woodruff ground cover in an area that you would not mind seeing naturalized by sweet woodruff. You can also keep the sweet woodruff plant under control by spade edging around the bed yearly. Spade edging is actually done by driving a spade into the soil on the edge of the flower bed where you are growing the sweet woodruff plant. This will sever the runners. Remove any of the sweet woodruff plants that are growing outside the bed. After the sweet woodruff plants are established, the plant care is very simple. Sweet woodruff doesn’t need to be fertilized, and you should only water the plant in times of drought.

Sweet Woodruff Plant Propagation

The sweet woodruff plant is most often propagated by division. You can easily dig up the clumps from an established patch and then transplant them. The sweet woodruff plant can also be propagated by seed. The sweet woodruff plant seeds can be planted directly into the soil in the spring or can be easily started indoors about ten weeks before your area’s last frost date. To sow sweet woodruff directly in early spring, simply spread the sweet woodruff seeds over the area that you wish to grow them and then lightly cover the area with sifted soil or peat moss. Then water the area very well. To start the sweet woodruff plant indoors, spread the sweet woodruff seeds evenly in the growing container and then lightly covers the top with peat moss. You need to water the container and then place it into your refrigerator for about 2 weeks. After you have chilled the sweet woodruff seeds you can place them in a cool, lighted area like a basement or an unheated, attached garage to germinate. Once the sweet woodruff seeds have germinated you can easily move the seedlings to a warmer location.

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