How to grow wheatgrass indoors

Wheatgrass is very easy to grow indoors. Without been told growing wheatgrass plant indoors makes it readily accessible for daily juicing. Continue reading to learn how to grow wheatgrass indoors.

Some of the Things Needed

The following are the things needed to get started:

  • Glass jar or bowl
  • Scissors
  • Organic potting mix
  • Newspaper
  • Organic wheatgrass seeds
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Strainer
  • Shallow planting container

How to grow wheatgrass indoors

The following are the steps on how to grow wheatgrass indoors;

Step one. Soak the wheatgrass seeds overnight: You need to put the wheatgrass seeds into a glass jar half full of water. Make sure you put enough water to completely cover all the seeds by at least an inch. Let the wheatgrass seeds soak overnight at room temperature. This will soften the wheatgrass seed coating and also allow the wheatgrass seed to take on water and begin the sprouting process.  

Step two. You have to prepare your growing container: You have to add about ½ to 1″ layer of organic potting mix. Gently tap the container on the counter a few times in other to help level the potting mix.

Step three. Strain and plant: After the wheatgrass seeds have soaked overnight, strain the water and then sprinkle them evenly over the whole surface of the potting mix. Very lightly press them onto the surface of the soil very well.

Step four. Keep the seed moist: You can use a mister or a spray bottle, water the wheatgrass seeds and the potting mix so they are moist, but not saturated.

Step five. Cover them with newspaper: Cover your wheatgrass seeds with a single sheet of newspaper and then water the paper until it is soaked through. This will actually provide a dark, moist environment for the wheatgrass seed to sprout. Wet the newspaper about two to three times a day to keep it from drying out.

Step six. You have to move the sprouts to a sunny area: By day 4 you can easily remove the newspaper, and what you will see is a container full of wheatgrass sprouts about an inch tall. You need to keep the container in a sunny area and mist them with your spray bottle at least twice a day. Don’t allow them dry out.

Step seven. Harvesting your wheatgrass: Within a week you will have a lush, beautiful container of wheatgrass that is ready for juicing. Just cut the top two-thirds of the grass in small portions with a scissors, more still you can harvest the entire container for your juice.

Tips: By rotating 3 or 4 containers and planting a new one every 4 to 5 days, you will always have a fresh supply of wheatgrass on hand.

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