How to Grow Wonderberries in Garden

Growing wonderberries in the garden is very easy and they are edible plants which produce berries from early summer until fall. Wonderberries plants are actually annuals in most climates, although they do not tolerate frost. These berry plants are part of the nightshade family and they are edible only once they are ripe, but never when they are unripe. If they are eaten unripe, they can be poisonous. However, wonderberries don’t have a pleasant taste unless they are made into jams, jellies, pies, and preserves. Continue reading to learn more about growing wonderberries in garden.

Growing Wonderberries in Garden

Another name for Wonderberries is golden huckleberries or sunberries, and it was actually developed in the 1900s by Luther Burbank. Wonderberries is a bushy plant that has attractive white flowers that appear in the summer followed by hundreds of black-bluish berries.

Planting Wonderberries

Start the wonderberries seeds indoors in late winter, and then transplant them outdoors once all danger of frost has passed. If you actually live in a warmer climate, you can plant the wonderberries seeds directly outdoors. Sow the wonderberries plant seeds in rich, organic soil with good drainage. You need to water them regularly if there is no rainfall. You can mulch around the wonderberries plant in other to keep moisture.

How to Harvest Wonderberries

The wonderberries are ready for harvest once they have turned a dark bluish color. Do not pick them off the plant – you will actually end up with quite a mess on your hands! Just simply roll them gently between your hands and then let them fall into a bowl.

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