How to Grow Wormwood from Seed

The Wormwood plant has different varieties and the plant is also known as Artemisia and mugwort. One of the most common and popular varieties of Wormwood, that is actually grown for its sweet-smelling, silvery foliage is the sweet wormwood or the sweet Annie plant. Growing the sweet Annie variety and other varieties of wormwood plants is easy. The Wormwood plants make interesting additions to nearly any garden as they’re quite adaptable and hardy plants. In fact some varieties of wormwood plants are even considered invasive if not kept properly maintained. Continue reading to learn more about how to grow wormwood plants in your garden.

The wormwood plants grow well in a sunny location and well-drained soil. The wormwood plant doesn’t like being overly wet. The plant is generally planted in spring. If you want to start the wormwood plants from seeds, sow the small wormwood plant seeds in flats and then set the seedlings out in the garden well after the last frost in spring. Once they are established, the plants actually require little care. In addition to occasional watering of the plant, the wormwood plants can be fertilized once a year. Light pruning can be performed in other to help keep the plants from becoming unruly, most especially the spreading varieties. The wormwood plants are not actually affected by many disease problems, other than root rot from overly wet soil. Their scented foliage also helps to deter a lot of garden pests. 

When to Plant Wormwood

The wormwood plants can be grown in the late winter and late summer months. If you are growing wormwood plants in the winter, you have to make sure all frost has passed or you can move the wormwood plant seeds inside and then back outside once the frost is over.

How to Plant Wormwood

Sow the wormwood seeds direct into the ground and then cover with rich and organic compost.  The wormwood needs a lot of room to grow. Make sure you keep the wormwood seeds watered adequately and also remember that the wormwood needs light to germinate. This process can take about two to four weeks.  Once their first set of true leaves have appeared you can easily transplant them outdoors or thin them out to about eighteen to twenty inches.

When to Harvest Wormwood

Your wormwood can be harvested once they are more than two years from planting.  If you harvest your wormwood during the first year, the leaves won’t be very strong as much. The leaves need about two years to full mature. Once you have harvested your wormwood you can even use the oil of the wormwood as an insect spray or antiseptic, and the upper stalks can also be use in potpourri.

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