How to plant an apricot seed

If you have been searching on how to plant an apricot seed you’re on the right post. On this post we are going discuss everything about how to plant an apricot seed. After reading this post, anytime you eat a delicious apricot and you are left with the pit you can use that pit to plant your very own apricot tree. The following are the steps on how to plant an apricot seed.

  1. Just remove the seed from the apricot pit. Then lay the apricot pit on its side and use a hammer, nutcracker or a vise to gently crack the apricot pit open and bring out the apricot seed inside.
  2. Set aside the apricot seed for germination. You have to prepare the apricot seed for germination by soaking the seed overnight in a bowl of room-temperature water. After that, you can wrap the apricot seed in a wet paper towel and then place it into a sealed plastic bag, and store the bag in a refrigerator set between thirty-two and forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. You need to keep the apricot seed in the refrigerator until it sprouts, which typically takes 1 to 2 months.
  3. Make sure you plant the apricot seed in early spring; you can wait until after the last frost. Apricot trees can actually grow in USDA hardiness zones 5 through 9. Apricot trees really thrive in climates where winters are cold enough to induce a dormancy period and when summers are warm but not sweltering hot.
  4. Make sure you choose a sunny location that has an enough room for the tree to grow. This plant really grows best in a full-sun environment. And again make sure your planting site has an enough room for an adult tree to spread out its branches and roots. You have to make sure that it’s not too close to other trees, subterranean pipes, power lines, or structures.
  5. Make sure you plant the apricot seed in a well-drained, loamy soil. This plant thrives in soil with a pH between 6.5 and 8.0. A well-drained loamy soil is very important to your apricot tree to grow a strong root system, which can help produce fruit in bigger quantities.
  6. You have to dig a 6-inch hole for your sprouting apricot seed. Then place the apricot seed in the hole and then cover the seed with a well-blended mix of soil and organic compost.
  7. Make sure you protect the planting site with a screen. To prevent animals from digging up your apricot seed you can easily cover the planting site with a layer of screen or hardware cloth. Make sure the screen surrounds the apricot seed on all sides.
  8. You have to water thoroughly. If you’re in a cooler climate make sure you water once a week, but if you’re in a hotter climate you may need to water the plant up to 3 times a week. You have to make sure the soil is moist but not waterlogged. Once a little tree begins to poke through the topsoil you can easily remove the protective screen to give the apricot tree the room it needs to grow very well.  

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