Tips On How To Grow Salad Burnet

The Salad Burnet common names are Garden Burnet, Small Burnet or burnet. Salad Burnet is actually a perennial herb of the Rosaceae or Rose family. The plant edible leaves have a slight cucumber like flavor and it can also be used in any kind of salad or as a nice addition to cold drinks.

Growing Salad Burnet

Site preparation and soil requirement: This plant actually grows in most soil types but they prefer moist conditions. The plant does well in sunny or partially shaded location.

Where to grow Salad Burnet: This plant will grow in poorer soil types as long as they are well drained. But the plant generally favors moist conditions. Salad Burnet is a very easy growing plant.

Propagation: Space your Salad Burnet seeds about 30cm apart and then cover with a thin layer of soil (a little less than 0.5cm should be okay). You need to keep the soil moist until germination occurs.

Salad burnet plant care: Removing the Salad burnet plants flowers will really encourage more leaf growth and also minimize seeding. Make sure you water regularly to keep the plants cool. The plant does not tolerate transplanting well. The plant does not also have real pest problems to speak of.

Growing salad burnet in container: Salad burnet is a good plant for container gardening, the plant also makes a very attractive addition to a window box. Make sure not to over water the plant and also keep cutting the plant for fresh growth.

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